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The rating system is based on swimming-related terms and endorphins. Endorphins, when released from the brain, are known to have a morphine-like effect on the body. Since beta-endorphins are known to give the highest euphoric pleasure, the best films are rated "beta-endorphin." The other endorphin ratings decrease by the amount of amino acid residues each one is known to produce. The worst films have a "sunk" rating.

In the table on the right, you can see a list of the ratings in order from top to bottom. To see a list of films with the same rating, click on the rating.

All endorphin photographs and images courtesy of Michael W. Davidson and The Florida State University. Please visit their Molecular Expressions site.

Beta-endorphin 31 amino acid residues. The endorphin that is supposedly the greatest "high."
Sigma-endorphin 27 amino acid residues.
Gamma-endorphin 17 amino acid residues.
Alpha-endorphin The least amount of amino acid residues with 16.
Doggy Paddle Beginner stroke for many novice swimmers. Not really recommended. It has some good moments. For example, the acting might be superb, but the story is weak.
Wall Lane The wall lane is usually the lane you don't want to be in when doing a pool workout. The film is not recommended.
DQ Did you ever take a breath in the water and swallow water instead. It is even worse when you are swimming in choppy open water. You gag and feel like you might sink. If you grab the boat you are disqualified (DQ).
Sunk The ultimate bummer. Hope you have filled out a will.

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